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Topics are required so an AI agent can speak about specific documents and or related information. Topic selections allow for more control with an agent and specifies what its knowledge base consists of. To get you started there are 3 topics already created; PRIVATE, PUBLIC and WEBSITE.

Topics can be created and or edited from the following menu: Settings > Topics > Create Topic

More about Topics

Topics are basically tags which are associated to an agent. You can think of topics as categories or a semantic grouping that is assigned to an agent so it has knowledge about a specific topic.

New topic settings.

Topics are also used to categorise documents which are uploaded to the Knowledge hub or domains that get synced within workspace. Content generated by both Content creator and Business analyst agents can also be assigned to a topic upon storing the output. The items assigned to those topics will be referenced by the agent which has those topics associated with it provided they are set to Published status.

Agents will not discuss details about topics that it is not assigned to. This feature was a deliberate decision to increase data security so an individual agent will only have knowledge and access to other topics set by workspace administrators.

Agents will only be able to read documents set to published and suspended. All other statuses make the document inaccesible to an agent. Users have the option to change the status of a document. More details about these statuses can be found from the More about Knowledge hub section.