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ToothFairyAI content generator Agents allows the user to create content by passing in a prompt and the selected agent will generate the content based on the prompt. However, specific use cases may require custom prompts to be created, for example if the user wants to generate content for a specific topic or a specific use case with consistent content more structured than a simple prompt or some guidelines for the agent to follow.

This can be done by creating a new prompt from the Settings menu.

The custom prompts can be used to generate content by selecting the newly created option from the Prompt dropdown menu in the Content Generator page.

Once a custom prompt is selected, the predefined instructions will be used to pre-populate the Prompt field in the Content Generator page.

Prompts can be created and or edited from the following menu: Settings > Prompting > Create Prompt

Prompt menu location

More about Prompts

Prompts are basically a set of instructions which can be used for an agent to generate content without having to write the content manually or copy and paste it from another source.

The user is required to include in the prompt instruction the {} brackets which will be used by the Agent to determine where to place the additional user content. This is similar to the way the Content Generator works behind the scenes.