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Domains allow an AI agent to consume data from a domain (or website). To use this feature, administrators must add a DNS record to a domain to verify ownership; this is a security measure to ensure that only the domain owner can scrape content from the domain. Once the ownership validation process is complete, the website scraping will begin.

Domains can be created and or deleted from the following menu: Settings > Domains

More about Domains

The required details for creating a domain are:

  • URL (The domain to scrape content from)
    • The URL must be a valid domain name without the https:// or http:// prefix.
    • When the URL is a subpath, the scraping process will be limited to that subpath and its children only

`Domains settings.`

By defining a topic, the associated AI Agents will have knowledge of the content scraped from the domain.

Upon creating a new domain, the status will be readyForValidation until the domain is verified.

Domain verification

`Domains verification.`

By adding the records provided by ToothFairyAI to the associated DNS, ToothFairyAI will verify the domain by checking the registered records.

During the verification process, the status will change from:

  • verifying
  • approved
  • syncing
  • completed

In case the verification fails, the status will change to failed or noDomain if the dns record is not found.

Domain scraping

The scraping process will start once the domain is verified and the status will change to syncing. Depending on the size of the domain, the scraping process may take a few minutes to a few hours to complete. ToothFairyAI will scrape the domain and its children recursively to create a site map of the domain - this ensures that incremental scraping operations are efficient and do not require re-scraping the entire domain over and over again.

Once the scraping process is complete, the status will change to completed and the domain will be available for use by the associated AI Agents.

Images extraction

If the user wants to extract images from the domain, the Extract images option should be enabled. Upon enabling this option, the Images retrieval instruction field will appear and the user will be required to provide the instructions for the AI Agent to extract the images that are relevant to the domain. By default this option is disabled.


If the user wants to use a proxy to scrape the domain, the Use proxy option should be enabled. This option is useful when the user wants to scrape a domain that is not accessible from the public internet or does not allow bots to scrape the content. By default this option is disabled.

Sync cycle

The sync cycle is the frequency at which the domain will be scraped for new content.

The sync cycle can be set to:

  • Manual (default)
  • 24 hours (daily)
  • 72 hours (3 days)
  • Every week (7 days)

By default, the sync cycle is set to manual and the user will need to manually trigger the sync process by clicking on the Sync button.


Any change to the configuration of the domain will take effect only after the next sync cycle.