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The dictionary helps assist with the translation of words from one language to another. We offer the ability add the source text (with context) and the translation. This will be used if the source is found in the documentation or if it is found in the chat.

Topics can be created and or edited from the following menu: Settings > Dictionaries > Create


When you create a dictionary entry, you will be able to select the Source language and Source text to translate from and the Destination language and Destination test to translate to. The Source text can take up to 5 words to add context to the word you wish to translate. The reason for this, is for words that could mean different things based on the sentence.

An example is root of a tree and the root of an issue, if the translation of root is incorrect, it can be updated in the dictionary, based on the context added.

`Dictionaries options.`


ToothFairyAI requires the dictionary to include English language either in the source or the destination language. It allows also for the source and destination language to be English which acts as a pure drop-in words replacement in the output.


To overcome the current limitation, you can create 2 dictionary entries if you want to translate to and from a non English language. Create one entry for the source to English, then another from English to the destination language.