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Intents are used to identify the user's intention from the text provided. The user can create a new intent by providing a name and a color for the intent. The color will be used to highlight the identified intent in the text.

Intent can be created and or edited from the following menu: Settings > Intent > Create Intent

`Create Intent.`

The user can also edit the existing Intents from the Intent section in Settings.

More about Intent

Intent is the process of determining the intention on an aggregate level from a text. This is less granular than NER and is used to identify the user's intention from the text to determine the next steps or actions to be taken.

Once an Intent is created, the user can include the newly created Intent in the Sentiment Reviewer section in Train mode. After creating training data and completing fine-tuning, the user can use the Sentiment Reviewer in Parse mode to identify the new intents in the text provided.