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User management

User management lists all the users that have access to the workspace,has the option to invite new users to the workspace and change user access levels.


The account that creates the workspace has ROOT access, which cannot be changed. This account can access billing and setup single sign-on for the workspace.

The General settings is located through the following menu: Settings > Dictionaries > Create

You can also access this anytime from the top right icon. `User management icon.`

Inviting users

When you select Invite user a modal appears with the following options:

  • 'Find users': Here you can search for a user with their email address. To find a user they must have an existing account. If a user is found, their username will be displayed.
  • 'Access level': When inviting a new user you must select their access level. Currently there are 4 levels to choose from:
    • 'USER': The user will have access to the chat, business analyst and content creator.
    • 'CONTENT_ADMIN': The same as USER, but also Knowledge hub and the creation on Topics
    • 'AI_ENGINEER': The same as CONTENT_ADMIN, but will also have access to Batch and Settings.
    • 'SUPER_ADMIN': Full access, however cannot see billing or single sign-on.

`User invite.`

Editing user permissions

After a user has been created their access level can be updated at any time. You can select edit nect to the user and change the access level in the modal that appears. This action is instant, the user will now see the updated items in the portal.

Deleting users

Removing a user from your workspace is a simple process of select the delete icon next to their username and confirming you would like to remove them from the workspace.