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Workspace administrators can access the dashboard to gain insights into the workspace and AI agents consumption. The module is split into two sections:

  • Overview
  • Usage


The overview section provides a summary of the workspace providing the following information:

In the header section you will see the following information:

  • Chat model
  • Content creator model
  • Business analyst model
  • Sentiment reviewer model (Enterprise only)

Both Base and Pro subscriptions will display "Default" while the enterprise subscription will display the name of the model selected.

In the body of the page you will see the following information:

  • Topics -> Number of topics created
  • Documents by type -> Number of documents created by type
  • Intents (Enterprise only) -> Number of intents assigned to the sentiment reviewer model
  • Keywords (Enterprise only) -> Number of keywords assigned to the sentiment reviewer model


The usage section provides a timeline month by month of the AI agents consumption grouped by type.

For enterprise subscriptions, ToothFairyAI will also display the fine-tuning consumption of any custom model created.


The usage section is updated every 30 minutes and it is not real-time.