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Quick start guide

Let's discover ToothFairyAI agents in less than 5 minutes. This guide will help you to get started with ToothFairyAI, create your first workspace, upload your documents and start chatting with your agents.

Getting Started

Get started by creating an account on ToothFairyAI.

And launch ToothFairyAI logging in ToothFairyAI app.

Create a new workspace

  • Login to your ToothFairyAI account unless you have already done so.

  • Click on "New Workspace" button on the workspaces dashboard.

  • Fill in the workspace name, choose your plan and select the domain (optional). Click on the "Save" button.

That's it! You are now ready to start interacting with your agents.

Create your first chat

To get started with ToothFairyAI, feel free to interact with our pre-existing Casual or Coding agents and ask them questions. Alternatively, if you wish to utilise your own documents, use the Chat agent with docs with the steps below.

1. Upload document

Navigate to KNOWLEDGE HUB and in the Upload PDF drop down, select the type of document you want to upload.

`Knowledge Hub.`

2. Assign Topic

Select the files that you want to upload and select the pre-defined DEFAULT topic, then select Upload.

`upload files.`

3. Learning process

Once the document is uploaded it will be in a Learning pending state. This will change as ToothFairyAI learns about the document.

`learning pending.`

Learning in progress shows the status of the learning process.

`learning in progress`

Once the status is Learning completed, you can start using the agent to talk about your document.

`learning completed`

4. Create chat

Navigate to the Chat agent menu and select either New Chat and select Chat agent with docs or the start chat quick menu button

`start chat`

5. Start chatting

Now you can ask questions related to the topic that has been assigned to the agent. The answer provided is pulled from the document as well as showing the reference to the document that was used to provide the answer