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Content creator

Content creator allows users to ask questions or provide prompts to an AI agent. The responses (or output) from the agent can be saved using the Save output feature and the content will be stored in the Knowledge hub.

The Content creator is located from the main menu: Content creator

Agent selection

The agent selection is a mandatory field which requires users to select a previously created agent. (See more details under the agents page.) The user has the opportunity to modify several parameters for the content creation process, such as:

Prompt selection

This is a mandatory field which requires users to select the type of prompt they would like to provide to the agent. This dropdown is populated with a default blank prompt and all custom prompts created by the admins.

Create feature

Users have the ability to create content using the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface and when a user clicks the Create button, an agent will provide a response to that question by referencing its internal knowledge base or AI inner knowledge or both depending on the Agent settings defined by administrators for an agent. If the output is large in size, users can minimise the WYSIWYG area by clicking the Hide passage button. A minimum of 16 characters is required to create a prompt for an agent. Users can choose to Cancel the output from being generated after pressing Create. The Save output button will be accessible once a prompt has been answered by the agent.

Save output feature

When a user chooses to Save output, they will be presented with a modal which allows them to save it under a specific title or topic. If include passage is set, the question or prompt written will be included. If redirect to document is set, the user will be taken to the Knowledge hub where the file is located.