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Business analyst

Business analysts agents allow users to ask questions getting answers with a higher level of detail. The responses (or output) of the agents are generated iterating through the documentation found relevant to the question asked determining the most logical conclusion at the end of the process.

Similarly to the content creator agents, the output can be copied to the clipboard saved using the Save output feature and the content will be stored in the Knowledge hub.

The Business analyst is located from the main menu: Business analyst

Create feature

Users have the ability to analyse content using the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface and when a user clicks the Analyse button, an agent will provide a response to that question by referencing its inner knowledge, the knowledge hub and/or the AI functions available depending on the Agent settings defined by administrators for an agent.

Users can choose to Cancel the output from being generated after pressing Analyse. The Save output button will be accessible once a prompt has been answered by the agent.

Save output feature

When a user chooses to Save output, they will be presented with a modal which allows them to save it under a specific title or topic. If include passage is set, the question or prompt written will be included. If redirect to document is set, the user will be taken to the Knowledge hub where the file is located.

More about Business analyst

The Business analyst agent is very powerful when a large amount of documentation is available in the Knowledge hub and the user is looking for a specific answer to a question.