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Account settings

The Account settings shows information about the customer such as name, email and other preferences

In detail:

  • Account ID : Unique identifier for the user - useful for support and API integration
  • Name : The public name of the user which will be displayed in the workspace and will appear when the user is invited to a workspace
  • Email : The email used to register. The email cannot be changed after creation
  • Theme : The theme applied to the workspace which can be either Dark or Light
Permanently delete account

This action deletes all data related to the user and cannot be recovered. Use it only if absolutely necessary

User preferences

This section allows the user to modify specific parameters that apply only to responses and outputs when the user is interacting with the agents. It enables also tailored instructions on a user level.

In detail:

  • Output language : Forced output language based on the user preference (only applicable to agents with multilingual set to true)
  • App Language : App language based on the user. At this stage we only support English. More languages will be available soon.
  • Timezone : A user setting that helps the agents understand what the user relative time is allowing for a more accurate determination of time references.
  • Personal instructions : Set of natural language custom instructions applicable only to the outputs generated for the current user.
Clear cache

This action deletes all the cache on the browser. Use it with care


ToothFairyAI is a subscription-based service. The billing section shows the current plan and the billing history. Our services are natively integrated with Stripe for secure and reliable payments.

In detail:

  • Payment method : The payment method used for the subscription. The information is stored securely with Stripe. The user can update the payment method at any time.

  • Billing details : The billing details of the user. The user can update the billing details at any time.

  • Billing history : The billing history of the user. The user can download the invoices, review and pay pending invoices safely and securely through Stripe.